MAINTENANCE (repair protocol)

Please Log All maintenance via Email so to produce a report to enable the appropriate trades person to be informed in writing of exact fault(s).


For non-urgent General Repairs/Maintenance please log via email;

Please log all Urgent Repairs via link below;

Repair Request >

If an Emergency please refer to the Noticeboard in the hallway to your property.

In the event that you lock yourself out of your room/lose your keys out of hours you will be Responsible for arranging and paying direct to our;

Approved 24HR Locksmith (01772 562666)


Have a non-urgent Question?

Check our FAQs below which may help you to find the answer you need.


Freezer is not keeping all our food Frozen or Fridge Keeping Food Cold?

If you just have recently filled-up the freezer the freezer will be working overtime; please press Super Freeze button prior to a trip to Iceland. If fridge not cold enough try to remedy by defrosting. Also if the bulb has gone it does not necessarily mean the fridge is not working.

Hoover is not working and just making a noise?

Please empty bag and check filter is clear of debris; if bagless empty cylinder which collects the dust etc.

Our plug Sockets keep Tripping?

Must be an electrical item that is plugged-in is faulty. Go to fuse board in cellar or hallway to flick fuse switch labelled sockets back up. Unplug everything and then replug in to deter (process of elimination) which item is faulty causing fuse to trip + then bin and or repair. Otherwise someone may be overloading the sockets by plugging in various extension leads.

Our Bins have gone missing from Outside?

If you leave your grey waste bin or recycle bins on the front the Council will eventually remove them and you will have to call them up (01772 90600) for replacements (yes they do charge).

We have no Hot Water or Heating?

Most probably pressure to your boiler; we will need to pop round to re-pressure.

I’ve lost my Keys/Locked myself out?

If out of hours call the Locksmith; who will charge you. If in business hours (mon-fri 9/5) we will endeavour to attend. Just a tip, may sound a bit James Bond but dependent on type of lock on your door you may be able to slide a plastic card down the lock to release it; please do not damage your door or casing in the process.

My Light no longer works?

May be just the bulb; please first see spare energy-saving bulbs under kitchen sink; if all out we will replenish. Also check fuse board to see if fuse for lights hasn’t tripped.

The Bathroom has mould forming?

After showering please ventilate the bathroom by opening the window and placing the fan on for a period of time to remove excess steam etc. Also please don’t have wet towels sat on all the radiators as will prevent heat rising within the room/house causing cold spots to ceilings etc.

Our Shower does not seem to be draining or is very slow to drain?

If many tenants have long hair there is most probably a hair-ball sat in plug/drain; a quick clear out should resolve. Also please check drain/grid to rear yard is clear. You could also try a sink/drain unblocker product from your local shop.

Our Shower/Bathroom Fan is no longer working?

Please see Isolation Switch (looks like a large light switch) outside room; someone may have simply switched the Fan off from this point.

Our Kitchen sink seems to be Blocked and also Drain/Grid to rear yard?

The main culprit is rice; please make sure all tenants clear their plates of leftovers into green food recycle bin before placing in sink for washing, as rice will go down the plug hole & congeal in the pipes underneath the sink.

What the ????

Due to Bin collections in Preston are Fortnightly if you fail to put out your Grey refuge bin on bin day you will end up with a months worth of overflowing rubbish. Also if your bin bags are not placed in the actual bin you will start to see teeth marks on your bin bags from the local rodents! If you need more bins just let us know. Please also do not leave full bin bags or discarded semi-eaten pizza (boxes) within kitchen area or you will also be Lord of the Flies.

#There’s a rat in mi kitchen, what am i gonna do?

You must be creating a food source in the kitchen; please dispose of all takeaway boxes & waste food correctly and make sure all bin bags are placed in the actual bin, we suggest Home Bargains for pest control products  and have the Council  FREE Pest Control attend.

When’s our Bin Day again; also where are the Bins?

Please see link below to reconfirm;

If you leave the bins out on the street for too long the council will take them & will cost You £15 per bin to replace! Best place back in your yard on bin day.

Our Internet has gone really dodgy?

First thing to do is reset the Router to hopefully get a better connection; just switch the power off and back on again, otherwise if Fibre internet it will be through Virgin Media or if through Phone line check TalkTalk’s website for their current Service Status within your postcode as occasionally faults occur (something out of our control) or call 0800 561 0061 for live service updates . Please do not pull the white cable out of your Virgin router. You could also try re siting the router to a more central position within the house or purchase a power-line adapter to boost the Wi-fi signal. Please note; tenants must not upload or download any illegal content. The internet connection is for personal use only and should not be relied upon for any study/work purposes. We cannot be held responsible for its speed, reliability and or third party customer service.

What’s this on my bed?

For hygiene purposes and to not only protect the mattress,  for all new tenants we provide a new mattress protector but we find sometimes tenants remove them and also do not use sheets. This will only cause issues and deteriorate the mattress.


If we do not know about  a maintenance matter will only get worse so please inform us by Logging via Email; not good to ring out of hours and leave no message then expect us to respond.

How Rude!

We appreciate as students the pressure is on but we are not here to be the brunt of financial, academic or relationship problems; please always attempt to communicate in a positive manner.  Some people struggle with modern life and take it out on those around them, normally it would have been family but will with other housemates and or their Agent/Landlord. We do have the facility to Block communications and ultimately will report any harassment. Please note; you are renting a property where you as a tenant have a responsibility too; this is not serviced accommodation.


Upon checking into a property we do not have an issue resolving any valid snags (within reason); as student houses can experience exceptional wear & tear  + sometimes unreported repairs/minor damages from previous tenants may be missed by our inspection.

Old Properties 

Older properties can be creaky, have uneven walls and floors and often steps into rooms therefore Tenants are asked to be careful on arrival and generally throughout when at the Property. There may be  spiders etc that can weave a web extremely quickly even after a property has just been cleaned. Many of the houses were built before modern damp courses and in our local climate you may find damp patches after wet spells. They don’t retain heat or expel condensation like a modern new-build. They require frequent maintenance….   – They do have bags of character and not just a soulless box!



How to….

Prevent Condensation

In order to prevent condensation you need to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, this can be done in a number of ways:

Drying clothes: Dry your clothes outside—it is far more eco-friendly! If that is not possible, then make sure they are being dried in a well ventilated room, so the moisture has somewhere to go, and are spread out on a drying rack and not directly placed on radiators.

Ventilation: Make sure extractors are turned on when showering, bathing or cooking and left on for at least 15 minutes after you have finished. It will also help to open a window but remember to close it afterwards. Modern windows can be locked slightly open. Even asleep, you exhale 20 ml of water vapour with every breath! Let us know straight away if an extractor stops working, or you have a problem with a window.

Heating: Try and keep the temperature of your house constant rather then going from really warm to really cold; this will help stop the water vapour condensing as the air cools. It is also more economic to keep a steady temperature. Use the radiator thermostats to control a room’s temperature.

Cooking: When cooking, try not to let pans and kettles boil anymore then necessary. Use the extractors and windows.

Storage: Make sure that cupboards and wardrobes aren’t over filled and that items are kept a bit away from walls (i.e Beds) so that air can circulate and prevent cold spots; thus creating mould.



Get the Best out of your Heating

Best not leave wet towels/clothes all over the radiators as the heat will fail to rise only steam/condensation.

Check radiator valve is fully open (turn clockwise).

Don’t have your Bed or any large furnishings close up to radiators/walls as it will fail to expel any heat + creates cold spots/mould.

Check radiators get fully hot as may need bleeding; air sometimes can get trapped. We will attend if so.

Please note we do not allow electric/fan heaters as will use up your electric allowance very quickly and also a fire hazard.



Did you know that on average between 10-15 litres of water enter your accommodation daily? Water vapour is released into the home every time you sleep, wash yourself, do the washing up, use the dryer, put water on the central heating. Cooking also causes a fare share of water vapour. Good ventilation enables damp air to get out and lets in clean air. This stops problem damp. If there is insufficient ventilation, the damp in the air will make it feel ‘close’ indoors (particularly if it is very warm). Windows may also mist up, particularly single pane windows. At its very worst, damp can make walls feel wet and wallpaper go mouldy. To sum up; don’t place a blanket over your window so like a cave + never open your window/blinds and block the heat of you radiator with furniture in front & stuff on the top etc.


Reducing Condensation

Controlling water vapour levels is important when living in well insulated homes. You’re unlikely to prevent condensation in your home completely, but you should aim to reduce it to a level so that it doesn’t cause problems. The following advice should help you to achieve this.

Produce less moisture

• Put lids on saucepans while you’re cooking to reduce the amount of steam.

• Avoid drying laundry on a clothes airer or radiator. If you need to dry clothes indoors, use a clothes airer in the bathroom – open the window and close the door so that moisture can escape outside rather than circulate around your home.

Stop moisture spreading

• While cooking, bathing or washing, use an extractor fan and/or open a window, and keep the door closed. Keep the extractor fan on and/or the window open for about 20 minutes after you have finished (with the door closed).

• When condensation appears, wipe it away.

Ventilate moisture away

• Leave trickle vents (slotted vents in the window frames) open when rooms are occupied – even in the winter when your heating is on. These vents provide constant ventilation which removes water vapour.

• Each morning, ‘air’ your bedroom by opening the windows for a little while. • If you can, put free-standing wardrobes and other furniture against internal walls, leaving a gap between the wall and the furniture so that air can circulate around the room. Try not to overfill cupboards, wardrobes and drawers so that air can circulate around the contents. Provide even heating

• Keep your home warm to avoid cold surfaces, and remember that it can take a long time for a building to warm up.

• If your home is unoccupied during the day, make sure the timer is set so that your home is warm by the time you return.

Treating mould

If you notice mould growing in your home, you should treat it straight away to stop it from spreading and causing more damage to your home.

• Sterilise the affected area with a suitable fungicidal wash (available from most DIY stores), following the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep checking the affected area for at least a week. If the mould reappears, wash it down again with the fungicidal wash to make sure the area is thoroughly sterilised.

If you have a severe case of condensation in your home, which doesn’t improve by following the guidance in this leaflet, contact us for more advice.

Cooking:                                                                                     General:

š      Extractor fan on                                                            š Open windows in the morning

š      Lids on saucepans                                                        š  If there is condensation in the morning wipe off windows

š      Kitchen window open                                                 š  Furniture not pushed up against external walls

š      Kitchen door shut                                                        š  Black mould cleaned as soon as it appears



Clothes washing / drying:                                                                      Bathing:

š  Clothes hung up outside – If this is not possible               š  Extractor fan on

then hang clothes on an airer in the bathroom                      š  Bathroom window open

with the window open but bathroom door shut                   š  Bathroom door shut

š      Do not hang clothes on radiators


Please note;

We only accept valid repair requests from Tenants who are party to the contract of their said property. We can not respond to parents/guarantors. Landlords are allowed a reasonable time period to rectify any valid repair, we will endeavour to attend to;  emergencies – within 24hrs, urgent – within 5 working days & non/urgent – within 28 days.

Should any parts be required for the repair of any appliance, they will be ordered from the appropriate manufacturer. Whilst we make every effort to complete your repair as swiftly as possible on occasion there may be a delay in completing the repair if the parts are not in stock.

If any repairs are required in your house due to malicious damage or as a direct result of negligence, we will not be held responsible for completing such repairs. Please also only use our Approved contractors; we will not reimburse any call-outs to unknown third parties.